Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Why you should program in HTML

Today Am going to tell you why YOU should program in HTML. HTML is a that web programming language that you actually use to create webpages and or website. You cannot program a webpage or website without including this language let it be a complex or simple site, you need that. So am going to give you two reasons as usual why YOU should program in HTML and after that I am going to write you guys a basic snippet code on how to create a web page, for the tutorial on how to actually create simple and dynamic websites, it shall be discuss later in this blog but not now.

So YOU should program in HTML because this is the basic to start with web page designs. If you do not know html then it will be very difficult for you to actually write web page codes. This language is the basic and You need to learn it.

And lastly because this actually makes you to get the beauty of your web page making you a front-end designer. That is, in the HTML itself you can include external as internal styling that make you draw be able to program web pages.

Now Am going to drive you guys on how to be an html programmer that is, program in html. But before I let you there, We want to know what html is all about, right?

Okay lets get started! HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language

HTML is a markup language and what a markup language is, it is a set of markup tags that describe a document content and those documents contain HTML tags and plain text that are also called web pages.

HTML tags are keywords (tag names) surrounded by angle brackets like content

Tchokote Herve is back-end web developer and desktop application programmer that spends his time programming for non-profit businesses( or projects) and who is passionate about computer programming and He can't stay a day without coding. Apart from that, He recently was involved in the conception and developement of SelfConsult, a health consultancy network that simplifies lives for doctors and patients to do their consultations. You could visit SelfConsult to know more and contact him.

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