Monday, March 30, 2015

Why YOU should write javascript or jquery codes?

Hello guys welcome to this new article on why you should write javascript or jquery codes.

To get started, I am going to give you guys a litle definition and or description of what javascript or jquery is, then I will give YOU some reasons why should write codes in javascript and jquery.

So javascript is the code that is actually run and executed on web pages in order to make your websites flexible and more reactive and responsive while jquery is a libary in javascript that actually does the same thing but with jquery, your codes are being reduced, made simplier and very responsive and smooth to load server scripting languages like PHP and ASP easily.

Now let give you some reasons why you should consider writing javascript and\or jquery codes as explain below:

The first reason is that, javascript programs the behavior of webpages. That is, javascript is responsible for web site interactivity and some dynamic loading and processes.

Javascript is that programming language that is use in validating web forms for insertion and output of data in the database.

Some times, you go on web sites and you see photos either animating, rotating or doing a slideshows. Well all that, is javascript that does it even though it could be done using html and css but javascript it is much less easier to implement.

Lastly, Javascript could also be use to ouptput notifications on your blog, website or network. For example, Like a new pop-up message just appear on the web site or in a fade in and out notification that may say something like "Welcome to this Site" or any!

Don't border if I didn't gave you some reasons on jquery. jQuery is simply that programming langauge that is oftenly written with less codes but that does more. It is a libary in javascript as explained above, that makes it easy to manipulate and change elements in a web site content.

Tchokote Herve is back-end web developer and desktop application programmer that spends his time programming for non-profit businesses( or projects) and who is passionate about computer programming and He can't stay a day without coding. Apart from that, He recently was involved in the conception and developement of SelfConsult, a health consultancy network that simplifies lives for doctors and patients to do their consultations. You could visit SelfConsult to know more and contact him.

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